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David Ballard

What An Adventure

I’m cannot even begin to start comprehending what just happened this weekend at Round Cove.  I got the incredible opportunity to spend a few days with Mr. Recreate himself, Randy Elrod. Besides our one on one time talking about life, goals, and being a renaissance man, I was able to experience some really special moments alone and with a great group of people.

One night we grilled hamburgers and hung out with a few father/son teams who were there to turkey hunt. The next night some of Randy’s friends Dr. David Kemp and his wife Rhonda, came with Randy’s wife Chris to have dinner with a few surprises at the cave (more to come on that). I helped Randy make homemade pasta, Chris made the sauce, and we had some delicious bruschetta.  The food, the fellowship, the moments are unforgettable and will definitely be a time I’ll look back to as a huge turning point for the next phase of my life.

I’ve got so much to process… more to come.

Personality 2009

Currently, I’m an INTP

I’ve taken several personality and learning styles tests over the years.  I try to do a few each year as they tend to change as time goes by.

Tonight I took a few quick assessments at  Here are the results for personality type and Gardner’s multiple intelligences.

Click to view my Personality Profile page

I basically agree with these results, but there are always variables that can’t be measured with a 76 or 80 item questionnaire.

So, do you know who/what you are… personality-wise at least?  When’s the last time you’ve taken any tests to find out? It not only helps you know yourself a little better, but also how to deal with others.

I really like and believe in a few other assessments including the Gregorc and Dewey Color System (Embrace Hue You Are).

I encourage you to Know Thyself!

Time With The Eagles

When dealing with a problem or situation, a little perspective is always nice to have.  Most of the time, this is a psychological thing where we have to do lots of self-talk.  We have to look at what came before, what is, and what lies ahead.  We weigh and consider things in an attempt to put it all “into perspective.”

I normally don’t do this, but in this instance, I had to physically put things into perspective.  I set out on a short drive to clear my head and collect my thoughts and feelings… and ended up at the highest point in Arkansas - Mount Magazine.  I had never been there before and didn’t even have a clue on how to get there.  I just headed south, then east, then took a road that looked intriguing at some point.  I had no idea where I was going or how long I had been gone… I just drove.

As I headed up a steeply graded road, my ears began to pop.  I kept driving.  I rounded the curve and thought I saw an eagle flying.  An eagle?!  Could that have been true? I kept driving.  As I topped the mountain, a breathtaking view awaited.  I pulled over and turned off the ignition.  With only the sound of the wind, I had just found a place of solitude - a moment of peace.  I got out of the car and walked to the edge of the edge and looked out over the valley in the picture (It’s called Petit Jean Valley).  I was able to think.  I talked to God a little but mostly, I just stood there and listened.

I didn’t want to come down off that mountain because my problems and complaints were made small in comparison to my physical location, but the mountain top experiences are few and far between.  We spend most of our time in the valley but that’s where it’s most fertile.  We spend a lot of our time going up or coming down a mountain.  Depending on the path we take on the ascent or descent, the journey can take a real toll on our bodies, minds and spirits.  I veered from the path on the way down and it was dirty, dusty, rocky, bumpy and a little bit scary.  I was beginning to wonder if I would reach the bottom.  But I did, and was actually relieved and a little bit glad to be back in the valley.

I’m going back there as often as I can because I like spending time with my eagle friends - and the view isn’t bad either.


Being resourceful almost seems to be a lost art.  My son, Judah, is studying resourcefulness this month at church: Resourcefulness - Using what you have to get the job done.  That pretty much sums it up, huh?  Sure, I know we’re all resourceful now and then.  In a pinch or unplanned moment, we can get creative enough to use what we have to get the job done, but do we call on the power of resourcefulness at any other time?

Can you do your job, whatever it is, without ordering, creating or generating anything new?  Recycling is one way to be resourceful… but I’m not talking paper or plastic… What would your next project look like if you really thought about resourcefulness and implemented it into the DNA of the project… from the start. And not just a punt or afterthought?

This Tic Tac video is brilliant.  Being a musician, I’m particularly drawn to it, but it shows creativity and true resourcefulness.  Instead of spending thousands on computer generated graphics, etc. they were able to make something wonderful out of, well… Tic Tac boxes.

I’m challenging myself to be resourceful on purpose and see what happens.  How about you?


We live in a world full of distractions.  We’ve sort of conditioned ourselves to be a little ADD even.  As I’ve been preparing to give presentations in the coming months, this video served as a little reminder of the basics… keeping it simple, being clear, being enthusiastic and having fun.  I’m a huge fan of Steve Jobs and Apple, so it’s nice to see a presentation tutorial built on his techniques and presentation formula.

We’ve all heard tricks to giving presentations and how you can avoid the jitters of public speaking (e.g. imagine your audience naked, etc.). But I really believe the big keys to giving a successful presentation is practice and preparation.

I like to use the Guy Kawasaki 10/20/30 principal and have found meaningful tips and advice at Presentation Zen.

I guess the bottom line is to first have something to say and an audience who wants to hear it… even if they don’t know it yet.

I’m excited about having the time and opportunity to branch out into an exciting new world of consulting and idea-wrangling. I’ve always had the heart of an evangelist and entrepreneur, so now’s the time to pursue my calling and begin living the dream.  Making my presentations presentable and exciting will ensure success I can build on.